Practice Promotion Mastery

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Practice Promotion Mastery

A Chiropractor asked Dr. Robson this question: Tory, if you were to come to my office for a month, what would you do to make it grow?

Well here it is!

This is how Dr. Robson started with a bare floor, only knowing 3 people in the area, and was at 100 visits a day in under 12 weeks!

This set has the best marketing and promotion activities that you can do right now, TODAY to build a huge network and endless stream of new patients.

For the first time ever you will SEE all the marketing opportunities that you never saw before.


  • The mindset required to attract massive new patients.
  • How time between patients is your best marketing time.
  • How your local weekly paper can make your more popular than ever, practically for free.
  • Why the regular mail is the mot valuable tool for the future.
  • What is Moment by Moment Marketing and why it is so incredible.
  • How to turn each patient into several more every week!
  • The exact wording to say when it counts.
  • 100 different marketing tactics that you have never seen before.
  • Audios to listen, manual to read and Videos to bring it all together!

Includes 8 Audios, 4 Videos and Manual!

Chiropractic Warrior

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  • Are you serious about hiring a practice success consultant?
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The typical WINNERSEDGE DC grows 50 to 200 visits per week and
collects $50,000 to $250,000 more their first year!

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