Communication & Persuasion System

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Communication & Persuasion System

After years of being asked, Dr. Robson has finally made an Audio Set explaining and demonstrating exactly how to Communicate, Persuade, and answer Questions POWERFULLY, CREDIBLY and CONVINCINGLY.

Over 350 minutes of the psychology, strategies, and angles on how to handle and answer practically any question any person could ever ask you! Many consider this the Best Set in Chiropractic today!

$295 Includes 8 Audios + Full Transcript + a Bonus Video (The video alone is worth the money!)

How many times have you heard these?

  • That seems like a lot of money.
  • Can't I just use the 12 visits my insurance pays for?
  • Can't I just pay each time I come in?
  • When am I done here?
  • My husband doesn't think I need that much care.
  • My "Doctor" says I should just go get Physical Therapy.
  • I feel pretty good, my spine is probably fine.
  • Do I have to come here forever?
  • Do you take my insurance?
  • I'm late because I had to stop and get Antibiotics for my sons ears.

How about these…

  • My brother went to a chiropractor and he hurt him, so I don't ever want to see one of you guys.
  • I just got an MRI and it shows I have a bulging disc, so I need to quit seeing you.
  • So with all this care, when will my X-rays be straight again? Why won’t it be straight again?
  • It seems like I’m paying a lot of money for something that only takes a minute in here.
  • My Doctor said it is okay to see you as long as you don't touch my neck.

You MUST be able to answer all these and MANY more perfectly! These audios will show you exactly how!

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