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Table Talk

How to Powerfully Educate Your Patients One Minute at a Time!

Possibly the most important material you will ever see to make your office visits incredible!
This is a professionally recorded live Workshop!
In addition it has 12 audio and 3 additional videos + BONUS Video!
Also includes all handouts and training materials!


  • Why DCs in the past were so much more successful
  • How creatinng an education centered visit is the key
  • The Pre-Emptive strikes you MUST know!
  • The Office Visit FORMULA for success
  • The 10 Best Future Pacing examples
  • The "Touch and Tell" system
  • The legendary "Regimen Program"
  • How to "Anchor" what you say
  • You MUST expand your arsenal!

You know you need to get better at this!

What you are saying is old, stale and weak.

Load up your arsenal with NEW, fresh education points that work!

This may be the best Table Talk training material ever assembled!


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CA Training Mastery

Dr. Robson and Team Personally Teach CAs How to be the Most Powerful in the Profession!

The training set that can be used for all new CAs and seasoned CAs who want to get even better!

CAs Learn:

  • Chiropractic history, anatomy, terminology
  • Chiropractic awesomeness
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Why everyone should see a DC forever
  • How to get more people to come in for longer
  • How to show up and be great day after day
  • Of course all essential procedures are covered
  • And a TON more!

DCs Learn:

  • The hiring process detailed
  • The vision required for CA longevity
  • How to create a great team from scratch
  • How to inspire the best from your team
  • How to be the Boss that CAs will want to work for forever
  • And a TON more!

6 Audios and 4 Videos - Includes BONUS CA Affirmation Audio

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Communication & Persuasion System

After years of being asked, Dr. Robson has finally made an Audio Set explaining and demonstrating exactly how to Communicate, Persuade, and answer Questions POWERFULLY, CREDIBLY and CONVINCINGLY.

Over 350 minutes of the psychology, strategies, and angles on how to handle and answer practically any question any person could ever ask you! Many consider this the Best Set in Chiropractic today!

$295 Includes 8 Audios + Full Transcript + a Bonus Video (The video alone is worth the money!)

How many times have you heard these?

  • That seems like a lot of money.
  • Can't I just use the 12 visits my insurance pays for?
  • Can't I just pay each time I come in?
  • When am I done here?
  • My husband doesn't think I need that much care.
  • My "Doctor" says I should just go get Physical Therapy.
  • I feel pretty good, my spine is probably fine.
  • Do I have to come here forever?
  • Do you take my insurance?
  • I'm late because I had to stop and get Antibiotics for my sons ears.

How about these…

  • My brother went to a chiropractor and he hurt him, so I don't ever want to see one of you guys.
  • I just got an MRI and it shows I have a bulging disc, so I need to quit seeing you.
  • So with all this care, when will my X-rays be straight again? Why won’t it be straight again?
  • It seems like I’m paying a lot of money for something that only takes a minute in here.
  • My Doctor said it is okay to see you as long as you don't touch my neck.

You MUST be able to answer all these and MANY more perfectly! These audios will show you exactly how!

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How to Build A Huge Personal Injury Practice

Exclusive program for Chiropractors who want to become a PI Powerhouse!

Dr. Robson is the true expert in this area and has built his practice to include over 100 PI visits a week… and can show you how too!

You will learn

  • What it really takes.
  • How you must think.
  • The training required.
  • What works and what doesn’t.
  • How to deal with Insurance Companies and Attorneys.
  • Plus, the absolute BEST way to get EVERY Attorney in your area to know you by your first name!

This set includes 8 Audios + a Bonus Affirmation Audio + a Bonus Video!

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New Patient Generator and Local Area Marketing Domination System

Do you want to finally have a system in place that brings new patients to you CONSISTENTLY?

Do you want to have a system that takes practically none of your time, yet is incredibly powerful and can be done every day?

Do you want to learn the absolute hottest, time tested, always works, but practically forgotten method to reach people and persuade them to call you?

Do you NEVER want to do another screening, talk, event, ad, telemarketing or other hit and miss, dead end marketing project again?

Do you want a system that you can put in place, and use forever knowing it will work?

You can get more New Patients practically at-will just by turning up the power on the NPG System!


Yes, we know it sounds good.  Remember, Dr. Robson is a master direct response marketer.  He has been able to build an incredible practice without ever really leaving his office.  He is a master of creating the systems that when put in place, do the work for you!

If you can type your name, take a picture, find an Office Supply store, or send a letter, then you have all you need for this to work for you. I mean really work.

You do this right, get your office running right, and you will never have to do any other marketing ever again. 

Dr. Robson's New Patient Generator System is the best in the profession for bringing: Direct patient referrals, patient referrals from home, patient referrals from work, new patients from local residences, new patients from businesses next to your office, new patients from any business, school, organization in your radius, PLUS includes the perfect material to use at any event or for any situation where you want to spark a referral and a new patient.

This system will seem very simple to you once you get it.  But realize, it is impossible to duplicate.  We have never seen anything like this ever in chiropractic.   It is essentially Dr Robson’s primary marketing secrets revealed in one simple to use, effective program that can be done forever with little cost and high return.

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Office Forms

Our COMPLETE Forms Package with all WORD files so you can personalize them and print right now for your office.

Fifteen years in the making this is the best forms set we have ever seen. No more winging it! Get these and be done with it for several years! Time tested, volume tested, attorney tested, CA tested, Dr. tested.

New Patient, Medicare, PI, WC, Exam, Progress Eval, The best Travel Card ever invented, Initial Report, and more. Inferior sets sell for over $1000!

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Office Visit Talk

Never in the history of Chiropractic has there been a set like this!

You are about to discover and master the most complex and powerful language and persuasion techniques in the world!

You will learn what to say on every office visit to literally program your patients to refer and stay forever!

This set includes 9 Audios, a workbook, plus 2 Bonus mind-programming Audios to drill into your brain all the key statements, and a Bonus Video where Dr. Robson personally demonstrates exactly how it is done, including all ESSENTIAL body language elements!

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Overhead Mastery

Dr. Robson touches on how to run a tight and profitable practice that prospers for years!

  • Do you have an overhead problem?
  • What is GOOD vs. what is BAD overhead?
  • Is it possible your overhead may actually be too LOW?
  • How to pay the least tax and take home the most. Legally of course!
  • Avoiding the biggest overhead mistakes that nearly all DCs make!
  • How low can you get your practice overhead and still grow.
  • How to organize your billing and bill paying perfectly. 
  • Account and Payroll made ridiculously simple.
  • How getting good at this will cause you to collect MORE!
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Practice Promotion Mastery

A Chiropractor asked Dr. Robson this question: Tory, if you were to come to my office for a month, what would you do to make it grow?

Well here it is!

This is how Dr. Robson started with a bare floor, only knowing 3 people in the area, and was at 100 visits a day in under 12 weeks!

This set has the best marketing and promotion activities that you can do right now, TODAY to build a huge network and endless stream of new patients.

For the first time ever you will SEE all the marketing opportunities that you never saw before.


  • The mindset required to attract massive new patients.
  • How time between patients is your best marketing time.
  • How your local weekly paper can make your more popular than ever, practically for free.
  • Why the regular mail is the mot valuable tool for the future.
  • What is Moment by Moment Marketing and why it is so incredible.
  • How to turn each patient into several more every week!
  • The exact wording to say when it counts.
  • 100 different marketing tactics that you have never seen before.
  • Audios to listen, manual to read and Videos to bring it all together!

Includes 8 Audios, 4 Videos and Manual!

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Technique Mastery

What to think, say and do to take your Chiropractic skill to the next level!

Hands on skill is a lost art in Chiropractic today. Reclaim it now!

All patients featured in videos authorized the use of their footage.


  • The ultimate office visit experience.
  • The mindset to get better results.
  • Why footwork and "eyework" are critical to technique.
  • Atlas, C7, T4, T12 and L5. Don't stray too far!
  • How technique makes or breaks your treatment time!
  • Special: How to master seated cervical adjusting. The best way!


  • Dr. Robson personally demonstrates with real patients!

10 Videos and 2 Audios

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Treatment Time Mastery

Your Treatment Time Controls Your Practice and Your Life!

Learn exactly how to cut your time and double or triple your practice… Literally overnight!

Audio 1: What is the Treatment Time problem? Hint: It’s You!

Audio 2: The exact steps and methods to get your Treatment Time right, with better results!

Audio 3: Treatment Time Programming Audio. Good to get you to 100-200+ a day! Play in your car or with headphones to program your new Treatment Time and new Volume into your Subconscious mind. AWESOME! 

BONUS #1: A Video of Dr. Robson personally demonstrating on real people how it is done, and the methods you can use right now to grow!

BONUS #2: Full transcripts of tracks and ALL written materials you need to create the NEW and FASTER you!

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7 Pillars of Personal and Professional Success."The 7P SYSTEM"

The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step, Foolproof, No Holds Barred Guide to the Power Life!

By Dr. Tory Robson

Boiled down from countless books, audios, videos, personal experience in practice and consulting this is the definitive video guide to SERIOUS success.

Simply watch, follow the included notebook, apply the principles and watch what happens in your life! You MUST learn these 7 Principles – they are NOT optional if you want to grow.

Considered by many to be one of the best Success Sets available today, and is the ONLY place you can get the phenomenal ORANGECARD outside a Seminar setting!

Must Have for all Doctors and Non-Doctors alike! Includes 10 Videos, Workbook, 3 ORANGECARD's.

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Become a New Patient Magnet

Do you ever wonder how some DC's just seem to naturally attract new patients? Did you ever wonder what they say, what they do, and how they think that makes it so effortless for them?

Well here it is! 

Learn the mindset and motivations that cause YOU to attract more people to you into your life and, more importantly, into your office!

This multifaceted dissertation by Dr. Robson will inspire you and reveal to you that you can do it too!

Start attracting more new patients to your office TODAY!

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Become a Re-Sign Master

If your PVA is under 40 you need this set immediately!

Your ability to get patients to continue care is the key to your volume and practice stability.

This set explains the exact process and words to use to get patients to tell you they want to continue care vs. you trying to tell them to come back.

This will change your practicing life as it will increase your PVA - and your volume - and your collections!

Audio 1 How it all starts and why Re-Signs control your PVA – which controls your volume!

Audio 2 The EXACT process, system, and wording to Re-Sign practically every patient - every time!

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Chiro Prosperity Secrets

Poverty to Prosperity!

Learn how to crush old poverty concepts and replace them with your own new prosperity consciousness!

Audio 1: Why So Few People Have Any Money

Audio 2: Poverty vs. Prosperity Concepts 1

Audio 3: Poverty vs. Prosperity Concepts 

Audio 4: Programming YOU for Prosperity!

If you have any desire to grow financially then get this set today!

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Chiro START-UP Essentials

Incredible Audio set for any DC starting in practice, associating, or office sharing.

Taking you from graduation, finding a location, getting the money, planning, costs, needs, what to do, what to avoid plus promoting and marketing to fill your practice, and everything in between!

This material is a MUST to save you from the countless pitfalls and landmines that ruin many dreams. Do it right the first time! Perfect for ALL students in any Tri. The sooner you know what to do the better, no waiting!

The chiropractic dream is alive and well, but ONLY if you know what to do, and what to avoid!

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Double Your Patient Referrals

What would it be like if your referrals doubled? Discover ALL the different sources of referrals you have available to you. Hint: There are a lot more than you think!

Audio 1: Are you getting as many referrals as you would like?

Audio 2: Referral generation mastery. Dr. Robson teaches you EXACTLY how to generate in-office referrals at the highest level.

He teaches precisely what to say and do. What you gain from this program will last you forever and pay for itself 1000 times over!

Want to grow your practice?  This is the FIRST thing you need to get good at! 

This set is ESSENTIAL for all DC's at any stage in practice!

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Double Your PVA

Long awaited Audios on exactly how to get your patients to stay forever.

Audio 1: What PVA really is and what it means.

Audio 2: The top ten PVA killers.

Audio 3: Fixing the top ten PVA killers.

Audio 4: Why increasing your PVA is so HUGE.

PVA really is the key to growing volume, collections, and future practice stability. All DCs need this set!

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Fails, Foibles & Foolishness

The most interesting, entertaining and valuable lessons you have ever heard!

  • Incredible wisdom gained from 30,000 calls with chiropractors!
  • What you learn here can be worth MILLIONS to you.
  • Successful people learn from their mistakes.
  • Super successful DCs learn from others mistakes!
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PRO CA Essentials

Audio set designed specifically to create World Class CA’s!

Listening to these audios will give your CA’s the training, motivation, mindset, and philosophy that makes a powerhouse Chiropractic Team!

Dr. Robson personally teaches the Purpose, Attitude, Key procedures, Definitions, much needed Chiropractic History and Philosophy, Do’s and Don’ts, Coding, Billing, Care Plans, how to stimulate Referrals, and how to totally support the chiropractic mission and go after the goals in your office!

An absolute must for all CA’s.

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PRO Chiro Talk

Audio 1: Chiropractic Affirmations designed to program your mind for gratitude, confidence, and 100+ patients per day!

Are you serious about growing? Remember, we are guided by our subconscious mind. This audio will re-program your subconscious mind to a new level.

Listen to it over and over and watch what happens.

Audio 2: Training on the most powerful PRO Chiro statements to use with patients along with the ultimate in Referral generating statements PLUS how to handle ANY objection a patient might throw at you. Awesome!

An absolute must for all DC’s.

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PRO Chiro Talk II

This killer new affirmation set is the follow-up to our popular PRO Chiro Talk!

Dr. Robson delivers the latest in success programming along with an affirmation audio anchored by the two most powerful words on earth: I AM!

Make sure you have the original PRO Chiro Talk first - then for sure add this to your success collection!

We recommend you listen to one of our affirmation audios every day on your way to the office - it really works!

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Promo & Marketing that Actually WORKS for DCs

Are you wanting to grow your practice? Your ability to promote and market yourself AND your practice is the lifeblood of your success!

AUDIO 1: Many Chiros waste tons of money and gobs of time trying to “Market” when the solution to growth is right before their eyes for FREE! Learn the “Inside Basics.”

Discover why paid advertising is NOT needed after 100 visits a week when your practice has the right intention and runs right.

AUDIO 2: Learn what is working RIGHT NOW that you can do yourself (Outside Active), or pay others to do (Outside Passive), to build your practice FAST!

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Prosperity Affirmations for Chiropractors

Learn how to Re-program your mind to reach your NEXT level of success. The easiest way to spark serious growth!

Repetition is the first law of learning, the affirmations here will literally program your mind to the Million Dollar level.

Audio 1: Discover how our minds are negatively programmed every day by the media. Learn how to regain control of your mind and program it with what YOU want!

Audio 2: Prosperity Affirmations for DC’s. Will program you to a new level of prosperity, thankfulness, and power. Know it!

These Audios are powerful beyond what most understand. Listen and you will see.

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Recharging Your Practice

This is perfect for ALL practicing DC's and especially those who are bored, frustrated, and ready for a change.

Audio 1: THE PROBLEM Why You Are Stuck.

Do you want to recharge and re-ignite your practice for the future? Every Chiropractor at different times in their practice feels stuck! Understanding how this happens is the key to NEVER letting this happen again! 

Audio 2: THE SOLUTION How to Re-Charge right now! 

Dr. Robson explains step by step how to fire up your practice! How to get lean, how to get EXCITED, how to get energized, how to get thankful, how to create a New Patient surge, how to feel better, and tons more!

It really isn't that difficult.  It is simply a matter of doing a few things RIGHT NOW to create that new and exciting velocity!

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Report Mastery

Owning a perfectly scripted and memorized Report is a REQUIREMENT for success.

Audio 1: Breaking Down the Report

Audio 2: Report Repetition with X-ray

Audio 3: Report Repetition no X-ray

BONUS Audio: Re-sign and Referral Repetition!

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Save Money, Crush Debt, and be Financially Free

Do you want to eliminate ugly debt, save money, and become wealthy for all your hard work and service to people?

Learn the RAPID FIRE Debt Elimination System. The best way for DC’s to crush debt and end monthly payments.

Learn how to save money pre-tax and post-tax with the Money Saving Vortex Concept. Your Secret Weapon to wealth.

This may be the most VALUABLE money training you will EVER have. Save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest alone!

Plus learn critical guidelines for money handing that you absolutely must know BEFORE costly mistakes are made.

If you want to get your financial life in order get these Audios!

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The 5 Plays

Do you want to be in the Top 1% of DC’s in the world?

Then you MUST have perfectly scripted, refined, consistent, and powerful procedures.

Most Chiros won’t admit that their systems and scripting are weak, even though their stats PROVE they are “winging it.” Leaving them flat-lined and unable to grow.

Allow your personality and power to emerge. Lead your patients to better health in a MUCH more consistent and predictable manner and watch your practice skyrocket!

Some consider this the best Sub 5-minute Report of Findings on the planet today. Let alone the Consultation, Office Visit, Re-exam, and Re-sign!

  • Audio 1 Consultation Scripting and Mastery
  • Audio 2 Exam and X-Ray Mastery
  • Audio 3 Report Mastery
  • Audio 4 Office Visit, Re-exam and Re-sign Mastery
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The 20 "To Do's" for Chiro SUPER SUCCESS

The 20 "To Do's" for Chiro SUPER SUCCESS

Do you really, I mean really want to have a BIG practice and a great chiropractic life?

With better service, better results, much more income, less overhead, less stress, more savings, and more fun.

How many of these 20 Elements do you have in place? How many are you lacking? Find out and fix them now!

Do these 20 things and you are destined to be a Super Success in practice! (Without these there is practically NO chance of making it to the Top 1% of the profession.)

This Audio Set is for any Doctor who wants to know EXACTLY what to do to become more successful RIGHT NOW. Business, money, staff, procedure, mindset, training, etc. are all covered in the checklist!

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The Million Dollar Practice

Does the million dollar practice still exist? YES!

After 20,000+ coaching calls, countless seminars, trainings, books, Audios, videos, and interactions with the top Chiropractors in the country, plus his own personal experience getting to this level and sustaining it, Dr. Robson lays out the critical elements required for you to build your practice to the million dollar level!

Audio 1: It exists! Yes, the million dollar practice is alive and well today, but only if you know exactly how to do it!

Audio 2: Requirements! The essential components that must all be at peak levels - mindset, procedures, floor plan, staffing, work ethic, philosophy, and much more! 

Audio 3: No compromise! You must have an unwavering and unshakable drive that inspires you to demand the absolute best from yourself and those around you!

Audio 4: Million Dollar Service! Service, service, service is the key! It's not about the money, it's about helping as many people as you can!

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Adjusting Extremities

This is a live training on how to do extremeties in a busy practice.

  • Performed and recorded in Dr. Robson's office.
  • Teaches you how to address the ear, TMJ, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist & fingers, knees, ankles, feet and toes!
  • PLUS keys to case management and patient communication regarding extremity injuries.
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Seated Cervical Adjusting

This is the live Seated Cervical Adjusting seminar performed and recorded at Dr. Robson's office! 

This may be the only video set of its kind! This is not how to prop people up and do supine style adjustments in a chair!

This is real, pure, Gonstead style seated cervical, spinous contact, minimal rotation adjusting focusing on C7, T1 and the Atlas!


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Live and Inspired

Dr. Robson gets fired-up about the current health care model – shows piles of research and info giving you the fuel you need to get SERIOUS about your Mission!

Filmed live at an INSTALL Training – many attending felt this was one of the best Trainings they EVER heard in their Chiropractic life! So here it is in video!

Video 1: What the “bleep” is going on in the world of health!?

Video 2: Time for you to think BIGGER!

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Day 1 Excellence

This is a live training on all the tiny details that make up an incredible Day 1 Experience for your patients. 

Recorded live in Dr. Robson's office this will amaze you with how intricate your net patient Day 1 process really needs to be in order to WOW patients

People starting, staying and regerring others in for care is hanging on the quality of your Day 1!

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LIVE Zoom Seminar

Dr. Robson's First LIVE Zoom Seminar Broadcat to Offices Nationwide!

Module 1: How to POWER UP When the Pressure is ON.

Module 2: Getting People to Understand.

Module 3: Referrals, Efficiency and Marketing RIGHT NOW.

Module 4: Dropping the Chiropractic Hammer - We're Gonna Make it Happen!

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Low Back Excellence

** LIVE Technical Training**

  • Secrets to Low Back Results!
  • We MUST get better at the most common reason people see a DC!
  • Perfect for all techniques and especially for veteran DCs who "think" they have it down!



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Get People to Start and Pay Like a Boss!

  • Master the prep and MOMENT when you tell patients what they need and what care costs.
  • Essentail for Reports, Re-signs, and adding family members!
  • Also, how to deal with insurance companies, Medicare, PI Attourney and anyone!


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Audio Clip

Winning with Decompression

A must for ALL who already have decompression.
The secret weapon for those looking to add it. 

If you are a chiropractor looking to be successful with decompression in your office, 
this material will be the smartest and most impactful you will ever see on the subject. 

  • LIVE recorded 4 hour workshop!
  • PLUS 65 page PDF including our Decompression Success Master Checklist


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Secrets to Multi DC Office Success!

  • Why is it that NO multi DC teams can produce what ONE power DC can? I mean really…why is this?
  • There are invisible Laws of Physics that ALL multi-DC offices are battling against and losing.  Let me show you!
  • The entire profession has been needing a training like this forever. 
  • Prepare to shatter ALL your records and EMPOWER your relationships!
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Chiro Survival and Success Guide

The "RIGHT NOW" Tactical Plan for Practicing Chiropractors.

  • 9 Videos that will comfort and motivate you to innovate and prosper during this most interesting time!
  • PLUS 34 more videos to powerfully educate your patients and your community to get in and refer. 

Click HERE to GET yours NOW!

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MONEY, Chiropractic and You!

This Booklet may be the most important material you ever read as it related to your practice and financial future!

Thoughts and solutions for the most difficult practice questions. For practicing chiropractors only. 

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Ultimate Chiropractic Success Guide

How to start a practice from nothing and become a chiro super success!

Critical information that every chiropractor
 must know to safely and smartly open and
grow a successful chiropractic practice!

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The Science of Getting Rich

Updated and Expanded Version

Each chapter includes mind expanding
questions and success points for
the Chiropractic Ultra-Succeeder!

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This is a must have notebook to take with you to all WINNERSEDGE Seminars, Trainings and Events!

Filled with 70 blank sheets of ruled paper with an elastic closure and a built-in elastic pen loop!

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Chiropractic Warrior

Find out if you have what it takes
to be a WInnersedge Member!

  • Are you serious about hiring a practice success consultant?
  • Do you want to learn how to be a more successful chiropractor?
  • Are you willing to put in the hard work required?

The typical WINNERSEDGE DC grows 50 to 200 visits per week and
collects $50,000 to $250,000 more their first year!

Call or email us TODAY for more info!