Its easy to join with us in just three simple steps:

step 1:  do you belong here

  • Dr. Robson does a one hour video Zoom call every month. All DCs can be on!
  • You can also choose to have private scheduled training calls with Dr. Robson.
  • CAs have a one hour video Zoom call every month.
  • All member DCs and CAs can call or email anytime with practice questions.


  • You get passcodes to our 700+ practice success videos in our amazing Video Library.
  • Here you can download our incredible 12 Phase Practice Transformation Guide.
  • You can also access all recorded and archived Zoom training calls.
  • All Seminars are made into a 30-min synopsis video for those unable to attend.
  • You get our invaluable list of WINNERSEDGE resources and contacts.
  • All our products can be purchased on our website.


  • 5 True Chiro Success Seminars each year for all DCs, spouses and staff.
  • Access to all Workshops, and our legendary DC and CA Bootcamps.
  • Dr. Robson also offers private trainings in your office or in his own office!


  • WINNERSEDGE Toolkit: Practice, Business and CA Essentials plus Bonus materials.
  • All members get Dr. Robson’s direct email!
  • CAs also have access to all things WINNERSEDGE!

Which one are you?

  • Practicing DC - I am working and earning income as a DC.
  • Start-Up DC - I am not working or earning as a DC yet.

Call 952.943.2442 to learn more!

Global DC For international dcs


Why would I join WINNERSEDGE?

You will be part of group that is fully dedicated to you, your success, and the overall bettering of your love, health, career and money! Dr. Robson is considered an expert in producing high-powered, multi-millionaire Chiropractors. He will teach you all of his systems whether you’re looking to increase volume and collections, open a new practice, pay off debts, save more money and so much more. We do it all!

What makes you different or better than other groups?

Consider our variety of events each year, 700 instant videos, 34 incredible audio and video sets, our ZOOM calls, private coaching, resources, CA training, money training, attitude and four books. Not to mention our training facility, credibility, consistency, and our results year after year with no slowing down.

Do you coach both insurance and cash practices?

We coach everything from super successful heavy PI practices to high volume cash-based offices and everything in between.

Do you push a system that I have to use?

WINNERSEDGE is a system. You can choose whatever parts of the system you want to incorporate. Yes, the most successful DCs use the WHOLE system.

Do you teach chiropractic business skills?

We have over 100 videos on chiropractic business.  This is the backbone of your success. A DC is three people in one: A promoter and marketer of chiropractic, a practicing DC, and a business person. We take all three of these incredibly seriously. Plus, an accountant is normally at our events to answer questions for clients.

Do you teach technique?

Technique is critical for a great practice and great results. Technique is a topic at practically everything we do. We have experts on everything from Gonstead to Torque Release to Atlas Orthogonal to Diversified to Thompson, etc.

Do you teach marketing and how to get new patients?

Marketing strategies are guaranteed to come up on the Members Only Zoom Calls. Dr. Robson will also help you strategize on your private coaching call included in the Mach1x, Mach1 or Cruiser membership. If you are looking to improve this on your own, try our Practice Promotion or New Patient Generator Set!

Do you teach how to pay off student loans?

Yes, we have the WINNERSEDGE Rapid Fire Debt Elimination. We have DCs paying off all their student loans in under 5 years saving hundreds of thousands in interest.

Do you coach multi-DC offices?

All the time.  They all require an expert consultant to do well. Remember, in most cases if you have two DCs in one office you get the productivity of 1.2 DCs. A basic truth. To get past this demands certain requirements and serious coaching. Right now Tory is also coaching an incredible 19 DC couple offices.  This is an extremely difficult practice style to be successful at unless it is done a certain way. If there is more than one DC in an office you must join if you want any chance of real success.

Why are most of your events in Minneapolis?

This is the perfect location in the country for everyone to get to. Plus, the airport, our event hotels, and Tory’s office and WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Training Center are all on the same road. Our events could not be more convenient!

When should students join?

To become successful requires as much time as you can get, but for sure every student should join one year before graduation. It takes a lot more time and work than students realize to start something that will work and last. There are very few successful new graduates. We want all students to graduate and have their new office operating within 90 days, then seeing over 100 visits per week within 90 days of that and then continue to train and get better to the point of serving over 200 patients per week and beyond.

What do you have for CA training?

We have a lot! CAs can attend Workshops and Seminars. At the Seminars, we have separate meetings for all CAs. at our Seminars and Workshops in our office. We have monthly CA only ZOOM calls, CA coaching directly with the team here at WINNERSEDGE. The CA only Facebook group for our member CAs, and of course our CA Bootcamp every summer.

Are all the events included in the fee?

The Seminars are. Our Workshops and Bootcamps are separate trainings that DCs and CAs can choose to attend for additional training. This allows us to keep the coaching fee lower.

Can I bring my staff to events?

Yes, except for the DC Bootcamp and certain Workshops.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

We have different options.  You can engage our fantastic online coaching program instantly with no contract. Or we have our recommended, intense 24-month agreement that gets you EVERYTHING we offer.

What all do I get with a membership in WINNERSEDGE?

Depends on what membership you choose.  Click COACHING to see them in detail.

How long are your coaching calls?

Those with scheduled coaching calls are set for 15 minutes. We have found this is the perfect time.  If a DC needs more, we just set another time or even a direct ZOOM with Tory. Despite his schedule, he can be reached practically any day by his clients.

Do I get to talk to you whenever I want to?

Depends on your membership. If you have a higher-level membership you can call, email or even text Tory any day you want.  Like any professional, the more of their time you take the more it must cost.

Do I pay monthly for membership?

The online membership is monthly. The Cruiser, Mach1 or Mach1X memberships are auto drafted weekly.  Our weekly system of money flow is one of the many secret weapons we will teach you. It is quite genius!

Do I get to communicate with other members also?

Yes, we have a member only Facebook group that is very powerful. Instant access to all the information of the group. Imagine how powerful this is when you need anything. There really is no excuse for not being super successful here.

What other resources do you have for your members?

We have all of Tory’s personal connections for everything from financing to x-ray machines to graphic design for logos, where to get the best spine models, posters, deals on equipment, accounting, Facebook ads, and 100 other things.  All our resources are listed in the members only area of our website.

What happens after I join?

We will immediately get you your passcodes into the member area of our website. There you will see a Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 screen. Start there!

Depending on the membership level you chose, an array of things will happen. Simply know, the moment you join you will know you made a great decision.


Key Points

  • To become a WINNERSEDGE member you must be endorsed by a current member or by Dr. Robson personally.
  • Just one more new patient per month and you are ahead. Plus coaching fees are 100% tax deductible!
  • Agreements are so you can get Dr. Robson committed to your success. Agreements = Commitment = Results!

Here Is What Happens When You Join

  • We will immediately send you your Passcodes into our 500+ Incredible Instant Video Library.
  • Dr. Robson will get on the phone with you right away to go over your new plan!
  • We will set your coaching call time with Dr. Robson personally. Mach1 and Mach1X
  • You will be sent our ULTIMATE Start-Up Guide and 2 DVD Toolkit plus Bonus materials.
  • You will be sent links to all live video Zoom calls.
  • You will be added to our amazing WINNERSEDGE Facebook page.
  • You and your future team are automatically registered for all Seminars.
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