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Chiropractor and Chiropractic Success Consultant

Dr. Tory Robson graduated from high school in Great Falls, Montana. He earned his Bachelors Degree from Montana State University while completing a six-year term in the US Air Force. He graduated in the top one percent of his class from the Air Force Military Training Center, was granted a Top Secret security clearance, earned an Air Force Achievement Medal, and was selected among many for the prestigious Airman of the Year Award.

Dr. Robson was adjusted by a chiropractor for the first time while in college.  This so impacted him that he redirected his entire future and earned his doctoral degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate training all over the country including many at the famed Gonstead Clinic as well as credits from Harvard Medical School. He has been a member of the American Academy of Medical Legal professionals, the American Academy of Pain Management, International Chiropractors Association, and Minnesota Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Robson has personally designed and opened six clinics and two additional corporations from scratch, designing everything including the floor plans. All of which continue to be successful including his latest project, The PROSPINE Health and Injury Center and WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Training Center.  An 11,000 square foot MMA and Fitness Training facility where is clinic and consulting office operate.  We are not aware of any chiropractic consultant in history who has ever had a location like this to train chiropractors to the highest levels ever in the profession. Dr. Robson's passion for chiropractic and helping his clients is enormous.

An avid student of success and personal achievement, Robson earned his certification as a LifeSuccess Consultant from the legendary Bob Proctor. Having spoken to countless companies large and small on health and success, Robson wanted to serve the planet on a higher level. He founded Winners Edge Consulting in 2008. Centered around using his trademark invention:  the ORANGECARD.  He now teaches Seminars, Workshops held right in the WE Training Center, and the now becoming legendary WINNERSEDGE DC Bootcamps.  Considered to be the most physically and mentally demanding events that have ever existed in chiropractic.  Robson has also published over 1000 videos, 32 CD/DVD sets and two books on all elements of chiropractic practice success.  

As a consultant his ability to help you get your thoughts, turned into goals, then turned into reality is phenomenal. His education, Air Force experience, 20 years of active practice, massive success training and in the trenches learning have forged him into a success force in the chiropractic profession.  His personal motto: “To leave everyone he meets better than when he found them.” This holds true as those who know Dr. Robson personally and professionally will attest!

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