Is there a contract?

Yes, for your best results we have an agreement that outlines your chosen Coaching program. To really grow takes commitment from both Client and Coach.

How fast will I see changes and growth?

If you use our material even half-way you will see changes instantly. With any real work on your part you will see a return on your investment that is incredible. 

Why would I join you over other groups?

We have the current, relevant, material and methods needed to flat-out get the job done. Saved money, saved interest, lower overhead, increased collections, better results, more visits, more fun, more free time, more energy, less stress, better goals, better business skills, a better team, more vision, and much more. 

What does it cost to join?

It depends on the program you choose. Remember, Coaching doesn't “cost you.” It earns you and brings a return to you, plus consulting fees are 100% tax deductible anyway so it’s not about cost, it is about your generating an incredible return. 

Can I visit with Dr. Robson to learn more before joining?

Yes. Simply complete this quick evaluation form and send it back to us via fax or email. He will be glad to visit with you about how our Coaching can change your life. Download Dr. Eval Sheet»

What is the difference between the Mach 1 Program and the Cruiser Program?

The Mach 1 one program is more intense and for the DC who wants to really build their practice as fast and as big as possible. You will have a set call every week with Dr. Robson plus all Seminars and Trainings are included.

If you are starting a practice, building a practice, recharging a practice and want to really “get after it” then the Mach 1 Program is PERFECT for you.

The Cruiser Program is for DC's who have completed the Mach 1 program, or established DC’s who want to attend our Seminars, use our online video library, and have access to our Trainings and materials.

The Cruiser Program is more passive by design where in the Mach 1 Program Dr. Robson will be coaching you personally every week using his agenda and systems to push you to your potential.

Can I just pay and go to the seminars?

No. Non-Member DC’s are allowed to attend one Seminar for free. Only members, team, and spouses are allowed in the Seminars. Non-members are never allowed in our INSTALL Trainings. 

Is there a guarantee?

We guarantee you will be given material and access to training methods, systems, and technologies that are of the highest level to create growth. Your implementation, your application, your dedication, your follow through, your time, your effort and your energy spent with your new-found knowledge is what will bring you great results!



7114 Shady Oak Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 

Phone: 952.943.2442  Fax: 952.943.2400
E-mail: winnersedgeconsulting@gmail.com

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